Week 2: Langwitches Blog

Week 2: Langwitches Blog

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Langwitches is an aggregate education and technology website compiled by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano. The site consists of links to her CV, Wiki, blog, and contact information for consulting opportunities. I found this jumping off point extremely easy to navigate and helpful on multiple levels.

Langwitches is an education and technology blog created by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano.

As we navigate through the educational opportunities through technology, I am starting to realize what information and functions I find valuable and useful in my pursuit of tech-savviness. I am drawn to “how-to” articles and apps that give me the steps to relay technological information to my students in a comprehensive and clear way.

The blog portion of the Langwitches hub is the clear strength of this site. The structure of the site reminds me of a Tumblr, which has a more abstract organization, which I find appealing, but may turn off some novice users. I delved into the post, “There is more to iPads in the Classroom than Apps,” because it actually addresses one of the questions I have been pondering. The article encourages educators to look at iPads as a tool to THINK and CREATE, not necessarily just to make work easier.

According to Langwitches blog, there is more to iPads than Apps. Yay!

Some of the most helpful content on Langwitches came from the Wiki page. The article, “70 tools in 70 minutes,” is one of the most complete sources for technology navigation I have come across thus far. I can see how compiling tools into basic groups can help navigation and ultimately understanding of the technology we are utilizing.

Langwitches is a site will definitely keep in my blog roll and reference when I am in need of an easy resource for technology questions.

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